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COOL-FOUTA SPRING PHOTO SHOOT by Miguel Álvarez & Inusual Art

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By Miguel Álvarez & Inusual Art

There is no better place like home! Inusual Art Studio and collaboration on a sunny Sunday back in May. This photo shoot shows us the possibilities of Fouta towels while you spend a lovely time at your garden along with your family. Pick some Foutas, lot of Love, a garden in full bloom and enjoy…

Photo: Miguel Álvarez
Models: Babe, María López & Paula Yunis
Make up & set design: Belén Mendo – Inusual Art
Hairstyle: Fran de la Hoz Blanco

We have seen lots of Miguel’s amazing pictures and Belén’s stunning Fantasy make up and body paintings. Also them teaching in photography courses and make up training courses respectively, working at the carnival, weddings and multiple events. Inusual Art Studio, a photography, make up, styling and décor studio, is a new style proposal for their customers and that is what they did for us. They gave us fresh air with their garden pics, we do not need to wait for the Summer anymore…

Foutas & Love


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